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SleepDoc is made for single person monitoring while SleepDoc+ is enabled with multiple people monitoring. Apart from this, everything is same in SleepDoc and SleepDoc+.SleepDoc and SleepDoc+ name can be used interchangingly.

No, SleepDoc+ and mobile works independently. It stores data on the internal memory and syncs with mobile phone periodically. However, if the phone is not available, it will keep the data until it synced with the mobile phone.

No way, it only records the level of sound, we understand your privacy.

We have made SleepDoc+ in such a way that you don't even need to engage with your device. However, nothing is 100% perfect, so that if you get some problem with your device you can contact us at

Yes. But, as of now, it is only available here. In future, you can order SleepDoc+ from e-commerce websites as well as from website.

You can put it somewhere on your table. But, within a certain range of 3-5 meters from the user.

Yeah, SleepDoc+ is perfectly compatible with the SleepDoc+ App in the Android as well as the iOS platform.

SleepDoc+ achieves wireless monitoring by the use of ultra-low power FMCW RADAR technology.

Yes, of course, It is 100% safe to use. The maximum transmission power of RADAR is well below to the limit. It is something like having a WiFi router in your room.

SleepDoc+ works on wireless RADAR technology. It transmits high-frequency wave, which is perfectly safe to the body, and modulated respiration and heart rate reflects back to the RADAR receiver.

SleepDoc+ is a completely global product tackling a global issue of the sleep-related disorders. We want it to reach each and every corner of the world. Hence it ships worldwide.

SleepDoc+ comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature. Bluetooth will be used if mobile within the range otherwise data can be also uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to the mobile via home Wi-Fi network.

No, you do not need to charge it. You only need to connect it with the power adapter connected to the power source.

We are providing 30-day return policy just with a feedback about the reason you disliked the product.

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