Why do young people Sleep better than Adults?

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As the physical activities start changing as we grow old, our sleep patterns also start to change. Generally people find it harder to fall asleep than when we are younger.

Some of the facts why such things happens:-

  • Sleep occurs in multiple stages including dreamless periods of light and deep Sleep, and occasional periods of active Dreaming (REM Sleep)

  • Older people spent more time inlighter stages than in deep stages
  • Changes in Circadian rhythmsoccurs which affects the sleeping pattern
  • Prevalence ofInsomnia is higher among the older adults which also contributes to Sleep deprivation
  • Snoring also adds to sleeping problems
  • Cardiovascular diseasesalso causes sleeping problems


  • Restless leg syndromeis also of the one reason
  • Hypertension, Diabetes , Asthma, Immune disorder also contribute to sleeping problems

  • Parkinson’s disease and Multiple sclerosis are some of the leading cause for Sleep deprivation among older peoples.


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