Do we dream only in REM Sleep?

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Some of the points regarding REM cycle are:-

  • REM constitute 20–25%of Sleep time in adults
  • It can be measured and monitored by a technique called Electro-oculography (EOG)
  • The majority of dreams like the most memorable and vivid ones occurs in REM cycle
  • Muscular atonia that accompanies it , is a built-in measure to protect us from self-damage which could occur while physically acting out to these vivid dreams

  • Neurotransmitter like Acetylcholine and Aerotoninare responsible for inhibiting the REM Sleep

  • Although it is usually assumed that Sleep is only associated with REM cycle but recent research finding shows that deprivation in REM Sleep can be compensate by dreaming more in Non-REM Sleep but it has its own negative impact on our body.

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